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Lifting work is carried out by means of an electrically driven pump that delivers hydraulic fluid to a lifter that directly or indirectly affects the cabin. In these elevators, the downward movement is realized by the own weight of the cabin. In hydraulic elevators, the engine room is generally located at the first stop level. Here, there is an oil boiler and hydraulic machine (assembly), control panel and hoses through which the hydraulic fluid passes.

Inside the elevator shaft; There are cabin, counterweight if any, cylinder-piston system, suspension device and buffers. Hydraulic elevators work on the principle that the pistons lift the cabin by pushing the oil from the pump driven by electricity. The pumped oil passes through the hydraulic machine, fulfilling certain conditions, and activates the cylinder through the pipes. The cylinder can be directly or indirectly connected to the cabinet. The cabin pushed by the cylinder is moved to the required floor with the received command.

Hydraulic elevators are generally; In residences, villas and houses, buildings undergoing renovation; They are used panoramically in factories, shopping centers, in cases where it is not desired to impose an additional load on the building's statics (for example, renovation of old works). In general, elevators must undergo the necessary maintenance every month in accordance with the contracts made.



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